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Memcached and OpenWebLoad

Dec 04, 2006

There has been a somewhat minor update to the site. Now almost all of the site is cached. That is, there is a memcached backend running on the server, and this website can take advantage of that.

To test out the site's load capabilities, I used an open source program called OpenWebLoad. It's quite impressive in its simplicity and utility. With it, I was able to test a load of over 50 simultaneous users to the website. Surprisingly, the site handled it with flying colors.

On a side note, I went to Wil Wheaton's site after a long stint of not visiting it, and it's still as good as it's ever been. There's an almost tangible difference between a writer's website and a blogger's website. I think that it boils down to the fact that using only words, Wil can make you feel the emotion that he wants you to feel.