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Yet Another Project

Feb 14, 2007

Well a few things have happened over the past few months. Firstly, I have failed again in keeping this blog up to date. Hopefully this post will be cathartic and I'll enjoy writing it so much that I will begin to post more often. Secondly, I have been busy with new classes, Algorithms and Programming Languages being the most interesting of the bunch. Thirdly, I have registered for PyCon! Fourthly, and this is more recent, I've been working on a Django-related project which, until now, has been secret.

I have been working on a DjangoForge application. It is not ready for release yet by any means, but it is at the point where I know I'll continue working on it until it's completed. Right now, the Model classes are all created, and almost all of the public interface views. Now all that's left is templating and CSS. It's a well-known fact that you should do the hardest things first.

In this case, I should have done the templating and CSS first, since website DESIGN is so hard for me. However, I have not followed the conventional wisdom, and am now paying for it with my design unskillfulness. In any case, I am really grinding on this with every spare moment, in the hopes that when PyCon comes around, I'll at least have a prototype to show a few people.

Also, if you're wondering when Part II of the gallery application is coming: I don't know. I was developing that gallery application for my brother's band website, and recently the creation of that website has gone down on his priority list. That means that it has gone down on my priority list too, especially with PyCon coming up and all of the work on DjangoForge.

If you read this and have any ideas on functionality that DjangoForge should have, or on anything else, just leave a comment and I'll get back to it as soon as I can.