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Notice Anything?

Mar 09, 2007

So I've yet again redesigned the site. This was not a backend redesign, but rather an aesthetic redesign consisting of mostly changing the CSS. The other change that was made was that now I am deploying via subversion checkout. I do my changes on my local copy, and then I commit those changes to subversion, and finally I do a checkout from the server's SVN. This makes it much easier to deploy in general, and I will see how this ease continues into the future.

I'd like to work on all of the project ideas that I've got, but it seems like every time I get a free moment, it gets snapped up by something else. For example, I thought that I would have some time to set up the secret santa site for my family finally, but then I realized that the database backend to this website is going to change a bit in the next few days and if I send everyone links to the secret santa stuff now then they won't be able to access it in the near future. That's why I've got to do the database transition to postgresql during spring break and then I can get the secret santa information sent out.

I'd also like to work on my Django API idea, and I have a rough implementation figured out. But it's not as robust as I'd like it to be before I release it to the public, and I'll actually have to do a little hacking on Django's source itself so that I can serialize some meta-information about models themselves, and not just instances of models which are supported right now.

But unfortunately right now I've got to do some learning of Perl, although in a way that kind of excites me. (Sometimes I just get the itch to try something completely different, and that's happening now for sure.) I'll need to invent some kind of pet project to help learn Perl for the future.

Blah, there's a bunch more personal stuff to write about, and frustrating professional stuff as well, but nobody that reads this (e.g. nobody) wants to hear about my personal stuff nor be frustrated by the professional stuff.

Despite all there, I'm excited for what this summer holds in store for me. No matter what happens, it'll be a new and exciting experience and I cannot wait to see what does end up happening.

Until next time!