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Sphinx Search, Totally Rad Website

Aug 07, 2007

Sphinx Search ROCKS! I'm pretty sure it'll be the solution to my MusicBrainz problems for my secret project. I'm going to set up a simple postgres server holding the MusicBrainz database, with Sphinx Search installed, and have it index on a cron. It'll be awesome! After trying out Lucene and its derivatives and being so underwhelmed, it's exciting to discover an app that truly seems to rock. I'll report back on it later, but right now the indexer is 4 million queries into a 60 million query index. Yeah, it's going to be a while.

I've been wanting to test drive two new technologies this past week, the first is Blueprint, the CSS Framework which I saw on Digg a few days ago. I also really wanted to try some new stuff with FreeComments, including saving people's login information in the session. I'm messing with both of those things in a side-side project related to The Totally Rad Show which I think promises to be really fun. I've spent only a couple of hours on it, but I think it's going to be probably my first project that people end up using.

So, Stick Tuned for a fun announcement from me in the next week or 2 weeks at the latest. (The problem with this project is there's lots of data to enter which will take time.)

That's it for today, a short and sweet entry into this blog-o-rama.